Florence Cathedral in Florence

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Florence Cathedral

@ Center of Florence

We're standing in one of the most important civic areas of Florence ľthe other is Piazza della Signoria. The Cathedral is built above the ancient and much smaller cathedral of Santa Reparata, and its construction began on September 8, 1296

The original design was by the architect and sculptor, Arnolfo di Cambio, but his plans were later revised and enlarged after the decision of a panel of architects and painters. The new designer was Francesco Talenti.
In 1420,Filippo Brunelleschi started building the enormous dome, il cupola, and finally on March 25, 1436 Pope Eugene IV consecrated the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. A sober example of Italian Gothic style, the building's development, where the apse culminates in the truly splendid dome, is magnificent. The architectural conception of the sides and the overall chromatic effect is to be admired, whereas the fašade, a 19th century work by Emilio De Fabris, is both impassive and lifeless.
The grandeur of the proportions of the interior with three naves, however, is sure to impress you.

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