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The Mugello valley is just 20 Km. away from Florence, along the river Sieve: hills alternate with higher mountains, in this land also known as the Tuscan Romagna.

The territory is rich of paths where people can make interesting walks following the mountain ridge, between woods and streams. Other areas are characterised by large cultivations, where typical biological products have been produced over the last years.
Everyone who loves this beautiful nature, where the woods are full of beeches, oaks, chestnut trees and juniper bushes, should have a rest in Firenzuola, Palazzolo sul Senio or Marradi, the main centres in this part of the Apennines, near Florence.
If you love small villages and towns, with their castles and churches, you can go and visit the valley floor of Mugello.
The site is famous because of the Autodrome having the same name, in the town of Scarperia, where motorbike races take place every year, and Ferrari tests its cars.
The area was famous already during the 14th century, thanks to the Medici Family, native to Campiano, a small village near Barberino del Mugello. This relationship between the family and the land is still well witnessed here: Medici Villas and castles are to be found in Cafaggiolo, by Barberino, as well as in Trebbio (by the town San Pietro a Sieve), while the present Villa Demidoff used to be called Villa Medici Pratolino by Vaglia in the early Renaissance.
Its typical English park, although despoiled during the centuries, is still one of the most beautiful gardens in Tuscany, and the famous sculpture Colosso dellAppenino, a work by Giambologna, is a symbol and a guardian of this place.
Borgo San Lorenzo has been since the Middle Ages in a strategic position along the Apennines, near the roads Faentina and Bolognese, two important ways connecting the valley to Florence.
During the 18th century the Lorena Dukes reclaimed this land and called people to live here; a flourishing handicraft (with production of art pottery as well) began in that time.
If you are keen on art, and you want to see the birthplace of famous artists like Giotto (1267 ca.-1337) and Beato Angelico(1395 ca.-1455), just go to Vicchio, 10 Km. far from Borgo San Lorenzo.
Giottos Native House in Colle di Vespignano and the Beato Angelicos Museum are actually two well known tourist sites; tourists and visitors can even enjoy art and nature in the same place: the Lake Montellieri lies close to the town, and its a very famous sport and leisure centre.

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