Strozzi Palace in Florence

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Strozzi Palace Florence

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Strozzi Palace Florence

One of the wealthiest merchants of Florence, Filippo Strozzi, built this grand edifice in 1489, in order to imitate, but also to rival, Palazzo Medici. Although the architect was probably Benedetto da Maiano, Simone Pollaiolo, known as "il Cronaca", was responsible for the very well developed, projecting eaves.

The building, however, remained unfinished because, during the 16th century, the Strozzis rebelled against Medici domination and a part of the premises was confiscated.
The courtyard was beautifully proportioned and solidly constructed even for the 16th century.
Today the building houses cultural institutions and is used for exhibitions.
From Palazzo Strozzi, go along Via Tornabuoni and you will reach the church of Santa Trýnita, facing onto a piazza of the same name. You are sure to notice that Via Tornabuoni is the most elegant street in Florence. It is lined by buildings of noble origin and with internationally known shops that carry high fashion labels.

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