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Val di Sieve


The Sieve Valley is a narrow valley where the river Sieve flows.

The hills towards the Apennines are the birthplace of prestigious wines like Chianti Rùfina Docg and Pomino Doc: their vines stretch among medieval towers, parish churches and Renaissance villas. The Wine Trails of Chianti Rufina e Pomino stretches along this roads, where you can find excellent wineries going from Pontassieve to Pelago, Rùfina, Londa and Dicomano. Florence is just a few Km. away, and easy to reach. Enjoy some outstanding wines in this special atmosphere: the Chianti Rufina, with its natural flavours reminds us of the raspberry, the blackcurrant and cherries, of pepper and vanilla. The Pomino has a scent of berries and fruits, of spicy exotic perfumes. Just drink a toast to the good life, going along this land full of sensations. Some restaurants in the region supports this project and offer typical meals using only regional products like cheese, salami, rustic soups, olive oil, peaches from Londa, home made pasta and meat cooked with Chianti Rufina wine. Near Pontassieve you can stop at the bridge Ponte della Sieve (1555), a beautiful brickwork and stone which leads you over the river, following the old road connecting Florence to the Mugello, the Casentino and Valdarno towards Arezzo. It has been destroyed and rebuilt more times, and it’s the real symbol of the town.
The town of Pelago lies between the rivers Sieve and Arno; the On The Road Festival takes place in the city centre every year in July: this is a multicultural event with buskers, musicians and artists of every kind.
Since more than a century the town of Rùfina has been strictly connected with the homonymous Chianti wine, already known in the Etruscan times; the Villa Poggio Reale (16yh century) houses an interesting Wine and Vine’s Museum (with attached wine shop). The great Michelangelo is supposed to have designed this villa.
In Londa a deep scent of ripe peaches alternates with the scent of wine in September, during the harvest. The famous peach, called Autumn Queen, is a quality certified fruit, and has been cultivated here for more than fifty years. The Festival in September takes place every year, with games, shows and events dedicated to this peach. Dicomano has always been an important road junction: from the main square different roads lead to Florence, the Casentino and Romagna.
Even its outline reminds us of different landscapes, with the hills overlooking San Godenzo and the valley towards Rufina and Pontassieve, whereas San Godenzo is characterized by the mountains: it lies in the middle of the Nature Park of Casentino Woods, between Mount Falterona and Mount Campigna. Dozens of paths have been created for trekking and mountain bike. The Acquacheta Waterfalls are very impressive, as well as the mount Falterona, which – according to an Etruscan tradition – is believed to be the father of the river Arno.

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