2013 Easter holidays in Florence

- Firenze Viva

2013 Easter holidays in Florence

For all those who wish to spend an Easter of art and culture without ignoring the historical aspect of the tradition, and they want to play it safe, the cradle of the Renaissance is without a doubt a solution that does not disappoint. Florence is a city that, like few others, to join the great culture of the historical and reminiscent of the tradition.

The Alinari National Museum of Photography presents, from 21/03/2013 until 23/06/2013, the exhibition Joel-Peter Witkin. Master of his masters, in collaboration with the Gallery Baudoin Lebon, Paris. A selection of work, faithful to the main theme of photographic research Witkin, express religious anxiety and spiritual quest through bodily images of glory and misery. Themes of Western mythology revisited, reinterpretations of the most famous masterpieces of European artistic tradition and canonical representation of the human body in which there are quotations formal tributes to the great names in the history of photography, from Muybridge to Rejlander, until Holland Day, up to original reworkings of some of the themes of their Greek and Roman sculpture, art, baroque, neoclassical and modern, for a representation of nudity - absolutely predominant in the artist - at the same time expressing eroticism, suffering, decay and death.

Who is looking for stories that are able to connect the Easter holidays with the tradition from which they originate will absolutely not get lost, for any reason, the Scoppio del carro (Explosion of the Cart) in Florence. An ancient festival, which has always recalled to Florence a large crowd of tourists and many farmers in the surrounding countryside, which came to the city hoping for divine favor, which is the good of the race exist on the dove rope - which was to take place smoothly - in order to obtain a good harvest. Today the fires of the tank is no longer set on fire by a dove, in Florence called Columbine, but by a rocket in the guise of a white pigeon. The religious ceremony that accompanies the festival has managed to retain its ritual mantenedolo almost unchanged. On Easter morning, the Chariot, called by the Florentines "Brindellone", drawn by oxen and accompanied by musicians and flag bearers of the Florentine Calcio Storico, leaves for mad Cathedral, where is the Explosion.

After Easter is Easter Monday, and Florence, more precisely in Signa, means first Festa della Beata Giovanna (Feast of Blessed Jeanne). Event that commemorates the annual procession in honor of the "Blessed", established in the year 1385 on the occasion of the translation of his body and promoted by the "Worshipful Company of the Blessed Sacrament and the Holy Spirit."

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