2013 Long Weekend of 2th june in Florence

- Firenze Viva

2013 Long Weekend of 2th june in Florence

The eternal charm of the Cradle of the Renaissance is always a great reason to visit the city of Florence, especially at the bridge linked to the 2013 Long Weekend of 2th june in Tuscany, when the city, next to the customary large range of cultural, historical re-enactments and offers exciting opportunities for cultural intelligent and innovative.

The twentieth edition of the now legendary Medieval Festival of Malmantile (FI) is an example of how the social Florentine, often for the game, able to keep alive the soul of a country being able to actualize the story with intelligence and humor. Jesters, damsels in period costumes, costume characters, jugglers and musicians are the protagonists of this festival that was created for the event by a group of young people who wanted to recreate the typical atmosphere of a medieval village, where you can savor the solemn atmosphere thanks to the structure of the medieval village of Malmantile, a little gem that still preserves its original walls.

The culture on the banks of the Arno never fails and, in addition to several popular museums in Florence, a favorite of the hordes of tourists - and rightly so - come from the most diverse corners of the globe to enjoy the wonders of the Renaissance, Florence also offers more opportunities " special "and innovative, such as the exhibition of Aleksandra Zurczak and Francesco Chiacchio, The sign as a story, open until July 20 at the Galleria Il Ponte. Curated by Andrea Alibrandi, the exhibition presents the work of two artists thirties through a series of works whose unifying element is to use the graphic as a story. Fundamental and exemplary in the work of two young artists is the use of contrasts between black and white, which stand out on cards lived almost to constitute veritable sculptural forms.

Horne & Friends. Florence a dream to save. This is the title of the exhibition at the Museo Horne in place until December 7. Curated by Elizabeth Nardinocchi and Matilde Casati, the exhibition traces for the first time the story of Herbert Percy Horne, reconstructing also some little-known aspects related to the formation of fine English character, known mostly as a Renaissance scholar and collector.

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