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The Chianti region (Chiatishire according to the English tradition) is a real synonym of good life. This is not just the place where the famous wine is produced, but it’s a way of life, where wellness has long replaced the modern life frenzy.

According to many people, this is the most beautiful countryside ever, the Chianti is a place for slowness, good food and drinking, an ideal place for walking along the scented paths of its hills.
Greve in Chianti is actually one of the four Italian towns, members of the international organization for good life: these cities created in 1998 the brand Cittaslow, identifying the Città Lente ("Slow Cities"), every Italian town where life goes on slowly, without frenzy, where the quality of life is the first goal to achieve.
The Chiantishire owes most of its fame to a rich artistic heritage, going back to the Middle Ages, a time of battles and wars between Siena and Florence.
The Abbey of Passignano, by Tavarnelle in Val di Pesa is actually one of the oldest monasteries, dating back to the early middle ages: later aon an important school was founded on this place (the scientist Galileo Galilei was one of the students).
A lot of beautiful villas with garden are to be found in this area: Villa Poggio Torselli, also known as "the Queen of Villas" in San Casciano Val di Pesa, already mentioned in 1427, today a national monument.
Impruneta is known as the City of Terracotta, thanks to a long traditional production of terracotta and fired bricks (first mentioned in 1098), and it is famous because of the pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary’s Sanctuary (11th century): the Virgin Mary worshiped in this sanctuary was chosen as Holy Patron of Florence in 1711, and she was often invoked by the local people in order to free Tuscany from every calamity.
This land has plenty of vineyards, olive trees and cypresses. The Chiantishire is a place, where medieval castles and traditional Tuscan farms lie side by side; where a cellar can hide its red wine like a treasure. A rest in one of these taverns surely won’t fall short of your expectations.

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