Lungarno del Tempio in フィレンツェ

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Lungarno del Tempio フィレンツェ

@ Center of フィレンツェ

Lungarno del Tempio フィレンツェ

Lungarno del Tempio is a fascinating place that, as suggested by its name, offers a wonderful and evocative walk towards the centre along the banks of the Arno river crossing Florence.

While walking, the Santa Croce quarter can be reached in few minutes and it is possible to arrive at the heart of Florence following the course of the river in little time to visit the Uffizi and Pontevecchio. Visitors really appreciate the Giardini del Lungarno del Tempio, near Ponte San Nicol, an enchanting place immersed in greenery.
If someone wanted to go to the river south bank, they could continue walking along the river and cross some of the more suggestive places of the river area around Piazzale Michelangelo.

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